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About Rwanda

Rwanda is an East African country, one among many countries in Africa that have had some of the most grotesque and sad histories, but that is a thing of the past now. Rwanda has more than made up for its gruesome past through creating a highly vibrant tourism industry that has attracted tourism activity from allover the world. Rwanda has a variety of activities to offer to tourists, since its also home to the nearly extinct mountain gorilla species. Most of Rwanda's tourism is dominated by gorilla trekking, an activity that is truly remarkable and that has earned its reputation as one of the must-do adventures on any escapade to Africa! A permit to track gorillas in Rwanda goes for USD 750 for non-Rwandese (peanuts compared to the gorilla experience, right?) and USD 350 for foreign Rwandese. There is so much more to discover in Rwanda, from the Genocide Memorial, the Chimapanzees in Nyungwe forest, the canopy walk and many others. Get in touch to find out more options available for visiting Rwanda now by clicking here

Most Popular Experiences

Things to do

Chimpanzees in Rwanda can be tracked in Nyungwe National Forest Reserve. With help of your guide through the forest will lead you to these fascinating creatures where you can watch them play and interact up close. You will meet the rangers Gisekura , Uwinka and Kitabi. Get your chimpanzee permit from here at only $100

Trekking Golden Monkey happens in Volcanoes National Park. Typically, a guide will drive to Kinigi headquarters in the morning because trekking takes place only once a day. Gazing at these striking primates are a treat for the eyes. With their bright orange fur contrasting the green rainforests of the Virunga Mountains – it's a photographer's dream!

These Monkeys can be found in Nyungwe Forest. Their second name is Ruwenzori Colobus and live within sizable groups (one of the habituated troops has more than 200 individuals). An encounter with Colobus Monkeys in Rwanda often exceeds sightings anywhere elsewhere in Africa.

Other activities to do in Rwanda include visiting the Genocide memorial sites and doing the canopy walk. Start planning your Rwanda trip with us today. Get in touch.


Travel Info

Visa Info

A Rwanda Visa is required for all visitors except for nationals of the UK, Germany, Sweden, USA, Hong Kong, Burundi, DRC, Kenya, Mauritius, South Africa Tanzania and Uganda. The single entry East Africa Visa will set you back just $50. You can get it online here.

When to Visit

It is condusive to visit Rwanda all throught the year


Accommodations in Rwanda are priced as follows:
Super Luxury : From $500
Luxury : From $350
Mid Range : From $220
Budget : From $90

What to Carry

Carry your clothes, some sun screen, binoculars, a toilet bag, passport and do not forget your camera.